Sharp A3 MFPs Defining Smarter Working for Future Workplaces

Sharp A3 MFPs Defining Smarter Working for Future Workplaces

The future of work is constantly changing. The hybrid and remote working world need more connectivity and security without compromising commitment to sustainability.

Sharp is constantly responding to the changing workplace, innovating devices that meet the work requirements of the future workplace. This is especially true with our latest ‘Future Workplace’ MFPs. That is why the brand-new Sharp BP-50C, Sharp BP-60C, and Sharp BP-70C series of MFPs are defining smarter ways of working.

The three new ranges comprise 15 models: Sharp BP-70C65, Sharp BP-70C55, Sharp BP-70C45, Sharp BP-70C36, Sharp BP-70C31, Sharp BP-60C45, Sharp BP-60C36, Sharp BP-60C31, Sharp BP-55C26, and Sharp BP-50C65, Sharp BP-50C55, Sharp BP-50C45, Sharp BP-50C36Sharp BP-50C31Sharp BP-50C26 offering an unprecedented level of flexible connectivity, suitable for today’s and the future’s workplace needs.

It is understood that by 2023, 70 per cent of connected workers in task-based roles will be reliant on intelligence embedded into their adaptive digital workspaces. This will allow them to engage with clients and colleagues from anywhere, as well as drive enterprise connectivity.

For this to be achieved several criteria will need to be in place. This could be in the form of connectivity, both in terms of being able to access devices anywhere and anytime, to IT support teams also being able to remotely access them. Then there is security, whether in the shape of a secure, reliable connection, to the security of the device itself, and even the data being shared with it. Finally, the sustainability of MFPs is directly driving innovation to find smarter and easier ways to not only build devices, but how we support, as well as recycle and reuse components.

The Sharp ‘Future Workplace’ MFPs share all these concerns, but how have they been applied to improve your business?


Delivering Smarter Connectivity

The brand-new Sharp Future Workplace MFPs deliver unprecedented levels of flexibility when it comes to connectivity. The built-in Microsoft Teams connector enables for smoother collaboration, sharing and teamwork by providing direct and secure access to Microsoft Teams channels, thereby allowing for scanning or printing all from the MFP.

With single sign-on, users can seamlessly connect their mobile devices via Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Bluetooth, NFC or QR code to enterprise workflows and print capabilities – from wherever they are working.

Increasingly, innovation is being centred around the smartphone. Using the Sharp Synappx Go mobile app user can engage with contactless and remote printing straight from their device. This is especially important for those working in remote or hybrid work environments, where having connectivity options is a bonus.


Smarter Security for a Safer Workplace

The latest MFPs are connected not only to the company intranet, but they are also linked to cloud services. This makes them a potential threat point for malware and other attacks. The Sharp Future Workplace MFPs include user-friendly come with a range of industry leading system and data protection features that not only protect the device but also the data it processes.

Features such as BIOS based security, whitelisting, self-recovery firmware and standard Trusted Platform Module means that users can be confident their sensitive data and documents are always kept safe and secure. In addition, optional anti-malware software from Bitdefender can add an additional layer of reassurance that your device, data, and network is protected.


Putting Sustainability at the Heart of Printing

Creating a more sustainable work environment has become a key criteria in recent years, which is why we at Sharp are putting particular focus on this area of innovation. We are proud to say that all Future Workplace MFPs come with a robustly sustainable design offering energy savings, smart diagnostics, and minimised waste.

Superior environmental performance delivers lower power consumption and a low TEC value and ensure they comply with the latest energy consumption regulations. We have also included a range of eco-focused functions, such as a rapid warm up time and eco-scan mode which help to save money as well as support an organisation’s environmental objectives.

The principles of the circular economy have been applied to the production of the range to minimise its carbon footprint and maximise the recyclability of its components. This has been achieved through the elimination of harmful materials in operational processes, and by extending the life of key component parts. This is particularly important for small businesses, as it will reduce the number of service visits required to keep the printers in optimum condition.

If you would like to know more about Sharp printers, and what makes our Future Workplace MFPs better suited for the smarter work environment, please Get In Touch.