Sharp ‘Future Workplace’ Event 2022: Hybrid Working Solutions Explored

Sharp ‘Future Workplace’ Event 2022: Hybrid Working Solutions Explored

The Sharp Future Workplace Live broadcast event was a truly European experience with a live studio broadcast streamed to big screens in connected in-country event venues throughout UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and more. Live from a London broadcast studio, Sharp Europe executives discussed how the company is helping shape future workplaces during a live stream with additional region-specific presentations delivered locally by each country alongside attendee hospitality.

Rob Tung, President, Sharp Europe, kicked off proceedings by talking about the One Sharp Vision for the future workplace.

“Our lives have changed over the past few years,” said Tung, “and we’ve modified the way we work more than we could have imagined in such a short time. The power of technology made hybrid working possible.”

Tung talked about the business opportunities created by hybrid working, and what Sharp’s technology means for its customers. According to Sharp research, over half of under 30s say that working from home makes them more productive, and 63% say that technology helps them to do their job more effectively outside the office.

For businesses, finding the right people, keeping up with technology and knowing which companies are trustworthy are just some of the challenges that need to be addressed, says Tung, and Sharp is well placed to offer incredible value for its customers in this exciting new world.

Alexander Hermann, President, Information Systems, Sharp Europe, was next on the virtual rostrum, discussing the Future Workplace MFP range.

“Our mission will be to enable our customers to enhance their performance in the market, and to help them adapt for their workplaces of the future. We will do this, by providing them with a range of products and services,” explained Hermann, when introducing the Future Workplace MFP range.

Hermann was followed by Bernd Eberhardt, President, Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe, who spoke about what the Sharp NEC merger would mean for customers.

“Sharp NEC Display Solutions will provide significant value and business advantages to all our customers, through access to an enhanced product portfolio and an extended range of professional service offerings,” Eberhardt explained. “As the only manufacturer offering such a broad range across all key technologies, we are in a market-leading position.”


Discussing IT services and solutions


The focus of the livestream then moved on to Damian Jaume, President, DynaBook Europe, and Colin Blumenthal, Vice President, Sharp IT Services Europe, who joined host Lucy Alexander to discuss the impact that IT Products and Services can have on the workplace of the future.

“You need to put yourself in the shoes of our customers today,” Blumenthal explained. “They’ve had to adapt their businesses significantly over the past few years, and they’re now settling into a new pattern and a new way of working. Areas like Cloud, Mobility, and Security are more important than ever, and these also require a great host of technology and support.”

Following Blumenthal’s explanation of some of the technical and operational challenges facing customers, Jaume stepped up to discuss DynaBook, adding: “Hybrid working caused an exponential rise in the demand by businesses for laptops. During 2020 to 2021, we saw a more than 15% increase in the demand for business laptops… You can see that just as a direct result of the pandemic, mobile computers have become pretty much standard equipment for all levels of staff.”

Once the presentations were over, the webinar moved on to the panel discussion, where Sharp executives and experts answered questions from its international audience.

Overall, the live broadcast provided a fantastic insight into the future workplace, discussing everything from the technical and logistical challenges of remote working to the hardware that can make all the difference to the success of hybrid working environments.

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