Celebrating 110 years of Success and Innovation at Sharp

Celebrating 110 years of Success and Innovation at Sharp

We’re incredibly proud to celebrate Sharp’s 110th birthday this month. It’s been an amazing journey, beginning on this day in 1912, when Sharp founder Tokuji Hayakawa established a metalworking shop in Tokyo.

Hayakawa would go on to invent the ‘Ever Ready Sharp Pencil’, a twist-type mechanical pencil that would later become the origin of our corporate brand, demonstrating the ingenious thinking and innovation that has remained synonymous with Sharp for more than a century.

Fitting perfectly alongside Hayakawa’s ideal of “making products that other companies want to imitate”, our business creed of ‘Sincerity and Creativity’ has led to the introduction of some unique products and solutions, including world and Japan-firsts that have contributed to the development of society.

An Incredible History of Sharp Success

As such, it’s no surprise that Sharp has enjoyed and celebrated many milestones over our long and varied 110-year history. Creating and developing some truly groundbreaking products and solutions to make life easier for all has always been our aim.

Examples include the development of photovoltaic power generation in 1959, in which we have enjoyed more than 60 years of success as part of the Solar panel industry. In 1964, we created the world’s first all-transistor calculator, an industry in which we celebrated 50 years of success in 2014.  We also developed the world’s first commercially available 8K monitor and in 2019 launched the world’s first certified Windows collaboration display.

1972 saw us introduce the first multi-copier in 1972 and celebrate its 50th anniversary earlier this year, and the innovation at Sharp continues to this day.

Sharp Europe’s business now offers an integrated range of business technology services, expanding beyond the MFP and display products - by extending its offerings to IT services.  Over the last two years it has invested significantly in new products and services to make this transformation happen. The acquisition of DynaBook, by Sharp Corporation means it now offers an award-winning range of laptops ideally suited for the hybrid workplace.

Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a joint venture with NEC, has also seen a 500% increase in its display business in Europe, with the most complete product range ever, and further growth is expected here.

Sharp Shaping the Future of Electronics

Sharp has evolved into a worldwide developer of innovative products and core technologies that play a key role in shaping the future of electronics. Our business vision is based on “Changing the World with 8K+5G and AIoT”, and we have some incredible technologies to help achieve that goal.

AIoT, the third pillar of our vision, is Sharp’s unique synthesis of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things), a tactile and intuitive approach created through the application of cloud connectivity and AI to a full suite of familiar everyday appliances. AIoT transforms devices from useful tools to active partners in addressing the needs of individual households and society.

Meeting our Goals

To change the World with 8K+5G and AIoT, we’re using our three core brand businesses – Smart Life, 8K Ecosystem, and ICT, along with two device businesses – Display Devices and Electronic Devices, in an integrated fashion in pursuit of “One Sharp” business.

With such a long and proud history of innovation, it’s easy to see why Sharp remains as relevant today as it was all those years ago when Tokuji Hayakawa introduced his groundbreaking ‘Sharp’ pencil. Here’s to the next 110 years of business.

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