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How charity: water is Handling Coronavirus in Developing Countries

Sharp Europe is working with charity: water to help bring clean and safe drinking water to a community in Ethiopia. Never an easy task, the current Coronavirus has made matters worse – discover their response.

Back in 2019, we wanted to make a difference to those lives for whom water isn’t as simple as turning on a tap. By donating to charity: water we are helping in the creation of a water project in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Each project typically takes 21 months from beginning to completion. charity: water works with The Relief Society of Tigray (REST), the largest NGO working in the region, to do the physical work on the ground. This involves planning, training and building the infrastructure, all before the bore drilling begins.

Right now, regardless of who you are, where you live, or your situation, Coronavirus is having an impact on all our daily lives. This is no different to the rural communities in Ethiopia, it simply makes every day struggles that little bit more fraught.

Delivering fresh and clean drinking water is still the main priority, but the virus has meant that new routines have had to be put in place, greater attention to training and cleanliness are required.

charity: water is working with REST on various COVID-19 relief projects, using up to 20 per cent of funds on working safely, such as providing PPE, while still delivering water point projects

REST mechanics have been fully trained in disinfection techniques and are visiting communities and making sure the water keeps flowing. However, lockdown has meant that mechanics can no longer go home. Instead, they are living and working together in isolation.

Experts also use the water points as spaces in rural communities to train people on washing their hands before they use it, washing their hands after they’ve used it and why it’s important for them to do so.

As stated, delivering clean water is still the primary focus, but making sure that communities know how and they should social distance and wash their hands before and after using the pumps, is vital.

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