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Digital Signage and Interactive Display Trends 2020: AI and DSaaS

Birgit Jackson, Commercial Director at Sharp Visual Solutions Europe, outlines her predictions for the future of digital signage, interactive displays, including the wider adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Signage as a Service.

Visual solutions are seeing continued growth right now – with many analysts predicting strong growth well into the second half of the new decade. Driving this growth are a range of key trends not only in the office workspace but in the wider digital display marketplace.

Discover the trends that are forming the design choices of the next generation of Sharp visual solutions:

Digital Signage and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital signage remains relatively new and is a trend we will continue to see grow in 2020. AI, particularly that around predictive and data analytics, allows for a more tailored and personalised user experience when interacting with digital signage products.

Digital signage only makes sense when the content is personalised to the viewer. Data such as how many people are viewing the screen, or what they go on to buy after viewing it, are vital assets to the retail industry. AI helps in gathering this data so that the correct content can be served up at the right time, to the right audience.

Interactivity and Digital Signage

In 2019, we saw that interactive displays were largely the domain of the meeting room, or office space. In 2020, interactivity will not only be related to meeting rooms but increasingly in the digital signage space too.

There is so much more to interactivity than simply touchscreens, as facial recognition and near-field communications (NFC) allow for completely different ways for customers to engage and interact with technology, enhancing their buying experience.

Screen size technology is always popular with our customers, as larger screens allow for greater impact both in retail and for wider information installations. Sharp has always been outstanding, sometimes unique, in delivering the optimum screen size to the market. This trend will continue in 2020, as we will see high-resolution screen sizes of 84 inches and above making an impact in the market.

Digital Signage as a Service

Increasingly, we’re seeing that services are becoming ever more important to business users. To this end, Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS) will definitely be a key trend in 2020. For example, we will start to see instances where not only the screen will be a service, but also the content that is provided or served up to that screen.

It allows them to access the hardware and software they need without the additional expense of ownership. By renting key hardware, end users are not only being cost-effective, they are also being more resourceful. As they don’t physically own the equipment, it can be returned when not needed and recycled far more effectively, so that others can benefit.

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